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June 2004

Outdoor posters

Stedelijk Museum CS

Note: this entry is part of a larger group of texts about the SMCS assignment. To read the full story about this project, start at SMCS / Introduction, and click through all the successive pages from there.
On another note – we wrote the texts below quite a while ago. We just reread them, and noticed some of them seem a bit outdated, and might need to be rewritten. Some of the used images need some reworking as well. We'll do this in the near future.

Shown below a poster we designed (size 116 x 171 cm), announcing the grand opening of the Stedelijk Museum CS, framed in a typical Decaux showcase (the technical name for these showcases is actually MUPI, which stands for Mobilier Urbain pour Plans et Information).
The design of this particular poster refers to a page torn out of a block-calender (or 'tear-off calendar'): just the date, as big as possible, as a reminder of the upcoming event. Obviously, the blue/red diagonal stripes in the numeral refer to the SMCS logo (see SMCS / Logotype). In the left bottom corner of the poster there is also a small 'ladder', a listing of all upcoming exhibitions. The photograph is a little flashed-out, so it might not be that visible.
Photographed below the second poster we designed in this particular format (116 x 171 cm), a simple program poster. On the left there's the logotype, on the right a listing ('ladder') of upcoming exhibitions. It's an improved, more balanced version of the A2 poster we designed a few weeks earlier (see SMCS / Printed matter).
In a way, the design is quite similar to the banners hanging outside of the SMCS building (see SMCS / Banners). But whereas the banner shows the logotype on top of the listing, the poster shows the logotype next to the listing.
The poster displayed below is actually one of our favourites. It's the 'Open daily' advertisement (which we used before as back cover for issue 2/3 of the Bulletin, and as center spread for the first SMCS brochure), but now transformed into a poster. What we like about the poster is the way the tilted design is leaning lazily against the frame of the showcase.
Shown below the last SMCS poster we designed in this format, a poster for the exhibition 'Sandberg Now', a homage to the legendary modernist museum director (and graphic designer) Willem Sandberg.
Thinking about the idea of 'now', we wanted to make a poster that would refer to the concept of time. So we decided to let the letters of the name SANDBERG slip away, like sand in an hourglass:


In that sense, it's quite a melancholic design.
Outdoor posters screenprinted by Imaba, Zoetermeer.

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