Happy Xmas
December 2004
Stickersheet / Christmas card

Joana Niemeyer, student at the design department of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London), approached us to ask if we wanted to contribute to a fund-raising event where 'one-off' christmas cards, designed by various artists and designers, would be auctioned. Proceedings would go to the Central St. Martins graduation show. The auction would take place December 7th, 2004, at the Notting Hill Arts Club (NHAC).

Requests like these are always difficult to turn down, but since we had simply no time to put too much work in this, we had to pull something together quite quickly. We took a ready-made A4 stickersheet (divided into 24 die-cut labels) and laserprinted 24 christmas greetings on the sheet, in chronological order. The result looks as if it's a fragment taken out of of a larger, perpetual calendar; some kind of utilitarian, all-purpose christmas card. Eventually, it's a design that refers to the seemingly endless monotony of time.

The stickersheet that we used was produced by a company called Herma, and had a rather nice light blue 'Herma Superprint' pattern on the back (not shown here). We printed two copies of this card; one to contribute to the auction, and one to keep in our archive.

Note: after the auction, the Central St. Martins students decided to donate all proceedings of this project to the victims of the tsunami disaster.

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