Modern Love is...
May 2003


Modern Love is Automatic Telecommunication 
Mobile phone graphics for Yakuta

For Helsinki telecommunication company Yakuta we designed a small collection of ten mobile phone graphics. These graphics could be downloaded (as 'wallpapers') from the Yakuta website. (Other collections were designed by studios such as Delaware, Reala, Abake, Sweden, etc.).

For our collection, we used ten different quotes from pop songs, each quote referring to telephonic matters. In that sense, you could say that the project deals with the way in which the telephone is represented in pop-culture, although it does so in a very light-hearted tone.
In a way, it's also very much a pop-quiz, as it's quite a challenge to find the correct song that belongs to each quote (without cheating, i.e. looking it up at Google).
(The title which we gave to our collection, 'Modern Love is Automatic Telecommunication', is quite a difficult quote as well, as it combines both the A-side and B-side of one particular single).

Later that year, we were part of another project that involved mobile phones; see Cellphones for Cellscapes.

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