MM / 444 Theory
May 2006

The FourFortyFour Theory

Miltos Manetas

A few months after we designed a poster based on one of his manifestos (see MM / Neen Manifesto), artist Miltos Manetas asked us to turn one of his other manifestos into a poster, on the occasion of an MM exhibition that took place during the month of May, 2006, at the Rebecca Camhi Gallery in Athens.
The Neen Manifesto, the poster we designed for MM's previous exhibition, was quite large (200 cm x 140 cm), screenprinted, and hung in the streets in Milan. The poster Miltos asked us to design for this exhibition would be small (A2-sized), printed on photographic paper, and sold in the gallery as a limited edition multiple.

Miltos gave us a text based on his 444 theory. We transformed this text into a poster in a way very similar to the Neen Manifesto poster. We turned the bilinguality of the text into the main pictorial element of the poster, making the English text red, and the Greek text blue. We also enlarged the numbers from Miltos' text, turning the poster in a sort of time-table. Shown here the poster, as it was printed on A2-sized photographic paper.

We would have loved to show an actual photograph of the poster, but because of technical reasons, we haven't managed to photograph it yet. But we will do soon. Displayed here, a 'flat' digital image of the poster. (We hate to show our designs this way; we see our posters as objects, not as images. But for now, there is no other possibility).

Other projects we have done for Miltos Manetas include MM / Tirana, MM / MMMM, MM / Neen Manifesto and MM / Internet Paintings.
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