Alphabet Reform Committee

A collaborative installation by
Experimental Jetset / Ian Svenonious

Curated by Atelier Impopulaire

Volksbühne Pavilion Berlin
November 2 – December 29, 2018 (extended)

Opening night
Roter Salon, November 2, 2018
Starts at 19:00 hours

Escape-ism performance
Roter Salon, November 15, 2018
Starts at 20:00 hours

Running from November 2 to December 29, 2018, Alphabet Reform Committee is a collaborative installation by Amsterdam-based collective Experimental Jetset, and US musician Ian Svenonius, conceived specifically for the Volksbühne Pavilion. Taking the form of a textual/spatial/sonic intervention, and exploring the notion of the city as a platform for language, Alphabet Reform Committee is part of a three-piece program curated by the artist-run initiative Atelier Impopulaire.