DTC / Annual report
May 2006

DTC / Annual report 2005
De Theatercompagnie

The annual report of De Theatercompagnie, concerning the year 2005, published in 2006. This publication was basically an A2-sized poster, folded to an A4-sized cover, wrapped around a eight-page A4-sized booklet. Shown below the front (left) and back (right) of the publication:
The eight-page booklet that was wrapped inside this cover consisted actually of two A3-sized sheets, folded in two, to form eight A4-sized pages. Printed in black and white, these pages contained all the necessary annual information about De Theatercompagnie. We illustrated this information with small b&w photographs of all the printed matter we had produced for De Theatercompagnie so far. Shown below some spreads:
As we already explained, the A4-sized cover could be unfolded to a A2-sized sheet. On the frontside of this sheet (the side of paper that was folded to the outside) we printed a typographic composition in yellow and black, featuring the number '2005' and the acronym 'dtc' (De Theatercompagnie).
On the back of the A2 sheet (the side of the paper that was folded to the inside) we printed a selection of action shots from the theatre plays. These photographs were printed in black on a yellow background:
One last picture. The final spread, before the brochure closes.
The report was packaged in a clear plastic bag, and sent to benefactors and friends of De Theatercompagnie.

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